007. Mineral springs can be amusing

As autumn slowly passed I'd spend most days in the park reflecting on my shattered past. But there were occasional episodes to brighten my days.

Like the Sulphur Spring that smelled and tasted like rotten eggs.

Here's my amusing little story.

There were four springs in the park each with a predominant mineral. I'd bottle my own mineral water here from the hand pump at the far end of the park where the water was the sweetest
As I recall its predominant mineral was magnesium. It was all free for the taking and I could afford that.

Beneath the earth the water becomes naturally carbonated giving it a pleasant natural gas, not at all like the artificial bubbles added to the water found in bottles on the supermarket shelves - even though it was from this area that the big brands pumped some of their commercial supplies.

The spring nearest the road, where the cars and busloads of school children would park, was the Sulphur Spring.

Everyone would automatically rush in great haste and anticipation for the nearest pump.

As they scrambled to fill their cups with water I would watch with great amusement as the predictable cries from the children would echo across the park:

"Yuk! Foul! Gross! Aaaah!"

After which I would helpfully direct them to the other pumps which were somewhat more palatable.

Today Neil Smith is an author and blogger working from home in a quiet fishing village across the bay from Melbourne, Australia. He has authored 3 non-fiction books including 'The Mystery of Granny's Ghost'. Visit his book website at neilwjsmith.com and his 'Work From Home' blog at neilwjsmith.info.